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James Leszczynski

James Leszczynski

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I wish a service like JHB existed in 2007. I had made the decision like so many others to leave the corporate world to pursue my dreams of owning my own business. The first 3 years went well until the financial crisis of 2007 took a toll on my new business venture. In order to keep the business alive and to protect the wages of my co-workers, I would need to sell assets quickly. I was unable to sell my home fast enough as the time it would take to sell it through the traditional real estate process would not provide capital in time to save the jobs of my fellow workers. I was forced to liquidate all of my retirement accounts and many other personal assets which were not enough for my business to ultimately survive. During that financial crisis, my largest asset was my home and the banks were not lending money and there was no organization like Joe HomeBuyer that could have helped me protect my personal and retirement assets” – Brian